"The voice of a musical era” - a brief history

With unparalleled vocal talent, Conrad Thompson is without a doubt one of the leading vocal innovators of the drum and bass movement.

His intelligent rhymes & harmonised word play have brought a sense of emotion and excitement to many live performances across the globe as MC Conrad and Words 2B heard with credit to the popularity of the now dissolved partnership with LTJ Bukem.


Born in Abington, Northampton in 1972, Conrad developed an ear for music at a very early age, listening to the family record collection aged 3, before eventually finding an inspiration niche in the early 80's Rap & Electro sound. It was only natural that he would soon immerse himself in the breakdance and early hip hop scene that was developing in the UK during the mid-to late 80's.

Despite Conrad's continued love & passion for Hip Hop and his pivotal roles, rapping for various Hip Hop groups, he soon found himself wanting more and realised that the UK Hip Hop scene was not to be the path for him to flourish musically. After groaning jaded with the struggles and stumbling blocks present in UK Rap at the time, Conrad began to immerse himself in the newly expanding British rave scene in the early 90's, and as a result soon found himself instigating vocal duties as an 'emcee' in warehouses, fields and clubs across all corners of the country.

This new movement and sound soon developed from the early hardcore and jungle roots to what is now universally known as drum and bass. This early musical journey eventual led Conrad to hooking up with an ambitious DJ known as LTJ Bukem.

As Bukem and the Good Looking Records camp began to flourish, Conrad soon found himself an important member of the crew and more often the guiding voice at the live performances far and wide across the world. The partnership with Bukem soon expanded beyond just live vocal performance and eventually into the recording studio, both in thevocal booth and in the production seat.

After solidifying the now legendary partnership with LTJ Bukem and Good Looking records, Conrad began working on projects known as Words 2B Heard which aimed to bring together like minded vocalists, musicians and producers in the hope of taking live vocal music to the next level of innovation from a technological perspective.

With all of Conrad's creative work from live performance, song writing and music production to DJ-ing, he aims to remove the pigeonholed stigmas of dance music and gain access to the broader spotlights and musical experimentation now being realised within the electronic dance music community worldwide.

Words 2B Heard and the newly branded 'Con-Natural' moniker reflect the creative process that Conrad thrives on and also the ambition to continually develop his own style and lyrical content. Conrad's vocals bring together thoughts, feelings and observations from all aspects of life. His unsung talent for music can only complement the connection he has with his listeners and fans, past and present.

Moving forward, Conrad's mission is to keep in close proximity with the new music trends of today and to capture the ears and minds of new audiences but never forgetting where it all began for him His continued quest as an artist is to stay universal and future proof.



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